Positive Thinking: Positive Results!

The other day, I was thinking about a situation as one of those “lemons” in life – figuring I needed to turn the lemon into lemonade. This led to thoughts about another cliché: seeing the glass as half full or half empty. Perhaps the ultimate positive thinker can always think of the glass as half full no matter what the situation (or to use one more cliché, find the sliver lining). If we really can turn the lemon into lemonade, was it really a bad thing that we encountered this issue. Isn’t that how we grow. Which, of course makes me think of one more cliché “what doesn’t kill us makes us better”! While we tend to learn a lot from problems and issues it certainly isn’t easy to look at things quite this positively when we are in the middle of the dilemma. But if we want to be a real positive thinker, we need to work on this ability, to realize that problems do get resolved and we learn something from them. So now for my corny New Years resolution: to be more positive in 2012. I have tried this resolution before and it usually works best when I have less problems, issues and drama in the specific year but hey, I will keep on working on it.

Your thoughts on this? And did I leave out any cliches?

One thought on “Positive Thinking: Positive Results!

  1. As corny and over-used as the cliches may be, they still seem to help bring me even slight re-assurance in a stressful situation. I agree- if our glass was always full we would probably never learn anything and that’s just not realistic anyway! I heard a good one recently similar to some of these above that I found interesting it said “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”
    This helps me remember to see the beauty in the little things and remember not to cast a shadow over an entire day because something isn’t going your way.

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