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I am working on ideas for a webinar and would appreciate feedback on topics that interest you in the areas of Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Lifecycle Management and Process Improvement. I admit I am tempted to build on topics I have written about such as the full lifecycle management from concept to realization of benefit or how Portfolio Management can improve project or PMO performance. I also appreciate ideas for blog topics. Thanks for your feedback!

One thought on “Your opinion/ feedback please

  1. Some of the Risks we face when engaged in a ‘Long term’ Project that not only will provide some major changes and improvement in how the Client’s business processes are followed.

    1. The original Project Team members have changed over time as well
    as several key Management. Their interest, buy-in isn’t the same.
    2. Management has also changes some key priorities on other Projects where
    your Project is now a second in line and slows down at least during some period of time.
    3. The CEO has been supportive of this Project from day-one…but also a
    little tired with time…and not certain we should proceed.

    Your the Project Manager of the above described situation, what do you do since it’s your call…even do you re-engerize the new Project Team..and get needed feedback from the CEO..that everyone is committed
    in completion of this Project…to gain the benefits/ROI that is still true today.

    This is a real life occurence, and you can’t take your your
    going to act to save all the work invested, time/money..and ensure everyone
    especially the Company realizes these cost savings, improved effectiveness
    in how the staff will become more productive, etc.,


    William Woloschuk

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