10 Ideas to help ensure People in your Organization are Happy

I wanted to discuss a positive theme today and this came to mind – how to help ensure a happy work force. I read earlier this week that happy people are more productive. So I thought about the places I have worked and put together these points. I am sure there are more ideas and I would like to hear them.

1. Build teams that work well together. This may seem naive and impossible but it can be done. Provide team training so everyone knows how a good team should work. Most work places have some people that aren’t team players. Hopefully you have work where they can be independent.

2. Hire happy, positive people and keep them happy.

3. I don’t know many people who work well in an environment led by a micro manager or dictator type leader. A leader needs to care about the people in the organization. The best leaders have a sense of humor and ability to motivate and inspire.

4. If people can make mistakes without being beaten up over the mistake, more creativity and innovation will occur as people learn from their mistakes and fix problems before it is too late. And the work force will be happier not living in fear of making a mistake.

5. Everyone is motivated differently and has a different personality. Do you recognize individuality? Can you get the best out of your people? People need to be rewarded when they do a good job. This varies quite a bit according the each person’s personality.

6. Everyone appreciates the occasional free lunch or other social events and parties.

7. I don’t know any people who like bosses that yell all the time. Do you?

8. I think most people like friendly, approachable bosses. I certainly do!

9. The leaders of the organization set the core values and the culture. You can make it so that people like coming to work.

10. When people are really overworked, they are not efficient and not happy. Of course this is about life-work balance.

Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “10 Ideas to help ensure People in your Organization are Happy

  1. I have worked for an organization that had a leader who did not follow the values that the organization had on their mission statement and this reflected throughout the entire company. Now working for an organization where the leader is approachable and does embody the values that make a good leader makes a huge difference.

    I also think that paying attention to specifically what motivates individuals is a very effective way to reward employees for their hard work. One employee may be motivated by money where another may be more motivated to receive more time off to spend with friends and family.

  2. This is a good article. Having the staff of an organization content and happy can go a long way towards increasing productivity and decreasing turnover. When I managed a group in a large organization, I tried to be as positive and friendly as possible.

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