What do leaders need? Determination, charisma and the ability to motivate

Last night I was claiming that we really needed to YouTube my husband’s last minute “project”. Our cork screw had broken and we had a bottle of Chardonnay that really needed to be opened! My engineering husband would not take the five minute trip to the store to get a new cork screw, no, this was an opportunity to be creative. Well, also a great opportunity to play with his tools. He went back and forth to the garage about 5 times but finally successfully opened the wine. He got the job done – and under difficult circumstances. And that is definitely something that leaders are often called upon to do. I believe I have developed leadership skills through difficult tasks, where I learned very quickly what works and what doesn’t. There was the time I went into a consulting engagement and quickly found out that there had been several consultants on the project before trying to satisfy the customer but no succeeding. My contracting company had told me very clearly what they needed me to do. The IT customer told me that was absolutely not what he wanted. The business customer wanted something else altogether. This was a case where I needed my people skills and determination to ensure we got quick wins despite the lack of agreement on the solution.
Charisma is a great characteristic of leaders. People are drawn to the leader and anxious to hear what he or she has to say. I was reminded of this over the weekend when I saw pictures of my 8 year old grandson in a tux, looking like he has worn tuxes all his life. In that tux, carrying it off like he is a very important person, he looks like a future leader of the world! I hear he did some great dancing also!
I have always felt that motivation is also a key in leadership. A motivating leader will get the best work out of the organization. I learned this early so that motivating others has been a key to successful transformations over the years. I find motivating people fairly easy and enjoyable. It requires listening and understanding people as individuals. It results in people feeling good and that’s a good thing.

My husband’s crazy project last night motivated me to write this blog, I figured other people might get a kick out of it. Then I had to mention the grandson because I seriously was surprised at how he looked so comfortable and commanding in his tux. I didn’t work out an analogy relating to the other big thing in my weekend – we dog sat 4 wiener dogs. That made household count of dogs at 6 as we have 2 of our own. People outnumbered 3 to 1. You will find it surprising but true – 6 dachshunds barking in unison can be very loud. Just ask my neighbor. I guess I would have to say that dachshunds can show great determination. Thursday night they were determined to NOT go to sleep and to keep us up with them. They succeeded! Considering they are much smaller than us, I would say they were showing great leadership!

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