Top qualities: Great Results, Creative, Motivator, Focused, Positive

“Carolyn’s energetic but focused personality, flexibility to adapt her skill sets to a changing business environment, and ability to resolve issues quickly gave us what we needed to get a complex project done in a short amount of time! She is always professional, a pleasure to do business with, and is highly recommended.” June 15, 2009

Janet Ross, client US Air Force

“Carolyn is great to work with. She can keep her sense of humor and get things done under the worst of circumstances. When I worked with Carolyn, she was being pressured to meet demands that we did not believe were reasonable but she was able to determine the best way to keep the customer and management happy as well as the Project Team.” May 31, 2009

E J Valentini, Sr Technical Project Manager on Catholic Healthcare West PMO Programs

On Carolyn’s skill in Training a 3 day Change Management course: “Carolyn did a fantastic job! She was professional, knowledgeable (as the subject matter expert), and approachable (audience felt free to ask questions anytime). This course was well organized with a wealth of information, a balance of meaningful activities, encouraged participation, humor, stories, and in class use of the tools. The course was paced so well and enjoyable that you didn’t even realize how much time had gone by and look forward to attending the next day.”

Sandy Esparza, Managing Consultant, MSS Technologies

On Carolyn’s Key Note Address at IT Conference: “Your presentation on project management was timely, though provoking and well received. The infusion of personal experiences helped conference participants understand the concepts of, and pitfalls involved with project management.

Chris Engquist, Executive Director, LECET

“Carolyn had to deal with huge demands from leadership at Perot Systems but she managed to always find good solutions. She worked hard to keep people motivated when times got rough, She was always positive when we faced adversity and she is someone that I would enjoy working with again.” May 31, 2009

Kelly Ter Meer, Business Analyst, Perot Systems

“Carolyn is a results oriented individual with a incredible grasp of Portfolio Management and the IT Investment process and procedures. She is very detail oriented and has excelled at working directly with clients and peers alike. Her skills as an Analyst are unparalleled. I highly recommend her.” June 2, 2009

Andy Makowka, President, Headstrong Public Sector

On Carolyn’s Presentation at a PMI Meeting: “We could tell you have considerable experience in project management, process improvement and leading others. Plus, your passion for this line of work was clearly displayed.”

Jim Watkinson, Leader PMI Chandler Meetings

“I have worked with Carolyn Reid at both Headstrong Public Sector and Guident Technologies. She is very supportive of her team, has a strong sense of commitment, is client focused, and ensures that deadlines and deliverables are met. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and effective as a Subject Matter Expert in Portfolio Management, and Program/Project Management. Carolyn is an excellent team leader who understands and practices the balance between hand-on management, and allowing her team members to take ownership of their assigned tasks. I would jump at a chance to work with her again, and I recommend her without reservation. She would be an asset to any company or organization.” May 30, 2009

Rodney Schaffer, Sr Consultant, Guident Technologies

“Carolyn was one of my most favorite managers at Motorola. She really knows how to manage a team and motivate everyone to a higher level of performance. Carolyn’s smiling face and positive attitude really helped in the fast paced and stressful environment.” January 13, 2010

Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Motorola

“It was a pleasure working along side Carolyn at Perot Systems for our client Catholic Healthcare West. Carolyn managed a large, diverse portfolio across the CHW enterprise.  Her PPM knowledge, dedication to a strategic client vision and charismatic interpersonal skills were absolutely fantastic to witness and work with day-to-day. I would most definitely recommend Carolyn’s experience and expertise as a business consultant.” August 2, 2011

Brad Pristelski, Program/ Project Management Specialist, Perot Systems

“As a manager, Carolyn was top-notch, displaying flexibility and a willingness to mentor, not just to be in charge. As a consultant, Carolyn has great vision and an understanding of client requirements. She understands what portfolio management really means. She also makes every effort to make sure that good project management practices were in place and followed, even when her efforts meet with resistance. I would not hesitate to work with Carolyn again in any capacity.” October 31, 2011

Michael Sturm, Sr. Consultant, Guident Technologies

Carolyn is a pleasure to work with, she is very approachable and has excellent communication skills which in turn gives clear direction as to what the goal at hand is, eliminating confusion on projects we worked together. I had the opportunity to work with Carolyn on multiple occasions and on a particular one a client was involved, by the conclusion of that project I was copied on an email from the client to Carolyn commending her on a job well done, that speaks to Carolyn’s consistent professional career and character.” November 7, 2011

Orquidda Mohammed, Marketing Coordinator, Guident Technologies


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