Maximizing ROI

Total Business Execution Excellence
Total Business Execution Excellence

Sound strategic planning is fundamental to achieving business objectives. Execution of the strategy is difficult and the complexities created by out of sync and competing activities, processes, functional groups and systems across the organization create many obstacles on the road to success. Constant change, corporate politics, functional silos and many other factors affect progress toward business objectives.

A sound business plan and clearly defined goals are essential, but the key to successful execution is understanding how to accomplish those goals. This solution looks at process relationships and information flow across the business from strategic planning to achievement of the strategy, from great ideas to benefits realization. To ensure the business efficiently and effectively achieves its strategy, the organization must optimize the outcomes from their processes across the entire lifecycle, including Strategic Planning, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management and Organizational Change Management.

Strategic Planning
• Derived from your business’s core competency
• What do you need to do to stay ahead of the competition?

Project Portfolio Management with Resource Management
• How do you invest your money to ensure you achieve your strategic goals?
• Project Portfolio Management helps you maximize your ROI and ensures you achieve your strategy.

Project Management (PM) and Organizational Change Management (OCM)
• Best Practice Project Management and Organizational Change Management supports efficient execution of successful projects
• Highest Performing businesses use structured PM and OCM processes

Transition to Operations

• Ensure that transition is carefully planned and executed
• Conduct Benefits realization after transfer to production

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  1. Carolyn – your diagram has strategic planning a second time, where it appears it should have transition to operations.

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