The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Peter Drucker

Achieving Corporate Strategy – The Path to Profit

This paper discusses the lifecycle process required to get from the concepts needed to achieve the business strategy to the final benefit realization. By looking at the elements of the lifecycle, we can understand best how to optimize the process.


Why do we need Organizational Change Management?

I built this document to help convince people of the importance and value of Organizational Change Management. Too often people don’t understand that business change almost always requires people to change and in general we are resistant to change. Not using structured change management can be detrimental to the project (I provide examples where this has happened – large losses of money!). On the other hand, implementing structured change management supports higher ROI and helps ensure project success.

Increasing Project Management Success

This article is straight from my lessons learned in my Project Management experience. What worked and what didn’t and what did I find was needed to optimize Project Management, striving to always lead to project success. Project success means happy customer, happy bosses, happy teams and a reason to celebrate. I have presented on this subject a few times at conferences and PMI Meetings and the audience found a few things to chuckle over (we can laugh about it now) and could always find relevance to their own experience while adding to their own lessons learned.

Investment Scoring Models in Portfolio Management

I have seen great results from developing a scoring model designed to show the value of each investment the business makes. The scoring model is based on how the decision makers decide what should be done. It is the leaders definition of value. The scoring model ties what the organization is doing to its strategy and core competency and ensures business success.






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